Central vacuum systems are a great way to improve air quality, as the air, dirt and contaminants are vented to the exterior of the structure, helping prevent indoor air contaminants and thereby improving air quality. Integrated with the well sealed duct system, the air filtration system and the  contaminants being vented to the exterior, the internal air is sure to be of healthy quality. This will reduce allergies and unhealthiness, and also help GCM in it's quest to get the maximum LEED points possible. GCM went with the CMWVacs Model MD Model M85 Power Unit. Below are links with information on central vacuum systems and their health benefits. Central Vacuum Systems earn 1-2 points in the LEED-HEQ8.2 Indoor Contaminant Control standard.

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GCM wanted to have the highest air quality possible, and to do that one needs to assure the duct system is as airtight as possible with minimum leakage to avoid contaminants from being pulled into the system. GCM professionally planned, designed and installed the air duct system, and assured the air duct system was thoroughly insulated and sealed. EDGE ENERGY used the Minneapolis Duct Blaster to perform an "air duct system pressurIzation test" to measure the efficiency of our air duct system, and to certify the installation of the duct system is of the highest quality. GCM passed the test with flying colors, and got a reading of under 3% leakage. This work assures maximum healthy air quality of the interior.

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Daikan Heat Pump System

Heat pumps are a great way to heat and cool the house in a sustainable manner, and can help in your LEED and Energy Star construction project. GCM chose a Daikin Heat Pump System to provide for healthy air quality and minimum energy expended. Integrated with the rest of the ventilation system, fresh air is drawn from exterior vents without temperature loss, purified and then vented to interior vents. (see LifeBreath filtration system below)

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LifeBreath Ventilation & Filtration System

Healthy Air Quality is a must for LEED certification, and GCM chose the LifeBreath 195 Dual-Core residential filtration system. ​The unit is Energy Star certified, and will assure the interior air of the structure is free from dust and contaminants. The LifeBreath 195 is also HVI certified, ​and LifeBeath is a member of HRAI, an organization dedicated to ethical and energy-conscious practices in the HVAC field. With the system designed and planned well, and natural ventilation, GCM will assure healthy air quality.

Find more information on air quality and LEED assessment on USGBC.org.


Goodman HVAC​

For the HVAC unit GCM went with a Goodman HVAC unit that is ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and R-410A Refrigerant certified, 3 leading "Green" standards in the industry. The refrigerant charge will be defined to be within 10% of the manufacturer's specifications, and kept in optimum running condition.  

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Healthy and clean air quality is a must for any LEED project, and the air quality system of the GCM house was carefully designed to achieve maximum results, and to be as healthy as possible. From choosing construction materials with NO VOCs and no formaldehyde, to air ducts being thoroughly sealed and insulated, to the carefully chosen products that will heat, cool, circulate and even filter the interior air of the structure, every concern of the air quality system was taken into consideration from top to bottom and was carefully put into the design and construction. Some of the steps include "enhancing the air quality" by assuring there is "natural ventilation" and installing a HEPA filtration system. See the various steps below GCM has taken to assure the healthiest air quality possible, and to help in achieving maximum LEED points.

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