GCM will be using their sustainable durable surface as countertops, and below you can watch a slideshow of high resolution pictures of the great work being done by the professional GCM construction crew. Also, we have tons of pictures in our "Pictures" section. By using these "green" and sustainable surfaces from IceStone, we will surely be as sustainable as possible, and get maximum LEED points. Check out IceStone's website here!



IceStone, a manufacturer of sustainable durable surfaces that GCM will use as countertop material, is another GCM partner that has eagerly joined our sustainability in construction project and generously donated 2 huge slabs of their cool, new and totally original sustainable durable surface product that contains recycled glass! The durable surface is made from simple ingredients: portland cement, non-toxic pigments and recycled glass. IceStone is certified at the Silver level of the "Cradle to Cradle" program; a framework that assesses material health, material reutilization, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship and social fairness. IceStone is also a founding member of B Corp, a group of companies dedicated to improving social and environmental problems through smart, sustainable business practices. IceStone has made a Health Product Declaration showing their product has no plasticizers, resins, no harmful vapors and is 100% VOC FREE. They do this all in a repurposed 19th-century day-lit factory powered with a water recycling system, see pics below of their factory from their Flickr Photo Page.


Glass is a highly sustainable construction material, and can be recycled over and over again. Many times glass contains recycled content, which can add to LEED points! Learn about glass and its sustainable properties on these various sites at links below.


Fortress Railing Productsa company that manufactures glass railings, is excited about being part of a sustainability in construction project, and has become a GCM partner and generously donated glass stair railings to the GCM project. By partnering with them GCM not only continued the see-through view and "open space" feel going, which adds to LEED points in the comfort department, but the glass is also a sustainable and long-lasting construction material that will also help with LEED points. Fortress Railing Products says, "Fortress Railing Products is an innovative building products manufacturer focused on providing railings products, for patios, decks, & balconies in the residential, multi-family, and commercial industries. Fortress Railing Products has been an innovator and industry leader in the railing market for over 12 years! Fortress is a category creator and industry leading manufacturer in the exterior railing industry. We are committed to developing innovative, quality products that focus on providing an experience that enhances customers¹ lives."

Watch a slideshow below of high resolution picturs of the work we are doing with their glass railings!