Inland Cedar is a great choice for a green, sustainable and LEED construction project for a number of reasons. First off wood insulates better than most natural construction materials. Inland cedar forests have been managed smartly and responsibly, and they have reduced the growing time of forests, and by using inland cedar that is grown on the east coast where GCM is located, it is more sustainable and "greener" since the source was closer. Wood is 100% biodegradable, and returns to the cycle virtually intact. The tiny amount of waste is used as soil for the next generation of trees. Inland cedar lumber is ideal for "Green" and sustainable construction for its low environmental impact, and its sustainability.

The other good thing about inland cedar lumber is it will help with your LEED points in your home construction. Inland cedar lumber lasts, and resists solar, water, insect, mold, fungi and other environmental degradation. Using inland cedar also saves you money down the road for you won't have to replace the lumber as much. Inland cedar grain is also very beautiful and pleasant to look at, and will add to the quality of life environment that is also important for LEED points. Staining the inland cedar with a "Green" wood stain such as Defy Extreme Wood Stain from will further enhance protection from the elements and degradation. Check out some pictures below of GCM using Inland Cedar for the cathedral ceiling.