GCM will be ICC 700 National Green Building Standard Certified by NAHB, a leading advocate in the construction industry for setting and certifying "green" and sustainable standards. GCM will be judged in 3 key areas: building a Healthy Home, Lower Operating Costs, and a Sustainable Lifestyle. GCM feels with the healthy construction materials, the air and water filtration, GCM will exceed in the Healthy Home area. With GCM using High-Efficiency and Energy Star Certified appliances, solar panels and a net-zero energy goal, we will exceed in the Lower Operating Costs area. Finally, with GCM using durable construction materials and methods, recycling water, and using Water Sense appliances and more we will also exceed in the Sustainable Lifestyle area. Look for the NGBS Green Certified logo below in choosing materials and products for your green home.

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​NAHB's stringent third-party verified certification program ensures homes and apartments are built in compliance with the NGBS and focuses on three primary attributes that are highly marketable to today’s discerning consumers:

Healthy Homes

Providing fresh air ventilation that improves indoor air quality
Limiting pollutants and contaminants in the home
Preventing moisture problems that can contribute to mold and attract pests

Lower Operating Costs

Reducing utility costs through cost-effective energy and water efficiency practices
Controlling maintenance costs through durable construction and product selection
Providing technical and educational resources to ensure the home’s optimum performance

Sustainable Lifestyle

Promoting walkability
Reducing home maintenance through enhanced durability
Preserving natural resources through responsible land development practices

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