Pine Lumber is a green and sustainable resource, for it's fast-growing properties, it's recyclibility, lumber uses less energy than other construction materials to create, has a good  "Life Cycle Assessment" , pine is renewed faster than it is harvested, and the responsibly-managed forests absorb CO2. Natural pine lumber does NOT emit any VOCs, formaldehyde, or any other toxic fumes. Pine is also one of the most strongest of the "softwoods". White Pine, Knotty Pine and other pines were used by GCM in many parts of the structure from the wood framing, siding, the custom doors, the closet shelves and more. Below you will see pictures of all the White Pine projects at GCM, and helpful links to learn more about the sustainable pine lumber.

Yellow Pine was also used by GCM for the re-claimed lumber for the flooring, check out our Reclaimed Lumber Page here.

Longleaf Pine -​