Water Recycling & Greywater Reuse

GCM has plans to recycle greywater, sink and shower water, to irrigate the sustainable landscaping to ease stress on the local water reservoir, and to be more sustainable. The water will be filtered by a Matala greywater treatment system. For now, check out Greywater Action, they have been out there in front on this issue. Check local laws. More coming so check back...

Greywater Action
EPA Water Recycling and Reuse
Maryland Water Reuse Regulations and Guidelines


All of the rain water will be collected and funneled into 2 huge, "Dry Wells" that will prevent rain water runoff that damages the Chesapeake Bay, and will store the rain water to be used for irrigating the landscaping, easing the pressure on the local water reservoir and make GCM more sustainable. 

Rain Water Collection - Closed Gutter System - Dry Wells


Stormwater Runoff Prevention Helps Chesapeake Bay and Waterways

Partnering with with Chesapeake Bay Trust Fund and avoiding stormwater runoff was one of the main goals of GCM from the start, to not only assure GCM doesn't add to the problem of silt entering our waterways, but to provide inspiration and example to other Maryland homeowners as to how they can help be part of the solution to the problems facing Chesapeake Bay and other waterways from stormwater runoff. GCM assured the rain water gutter system was closed, and installed a rainwater collection system under the rear deck (see pics below), to be funneled into 2 huge dry wells and stored. This rain water will then be used to irrigate the landscaping. All of this will not only help prevent stormwater runoff, but will also help GCM in water conservation, and help ease the stress on the local water reservoir and add to the sustainability of the house.


Chesapeake Bay Trust - Rain Water Runoff

​Maryland Dept. of the Environment - Storm Water Management

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Closed Gutter System

The entire rain gutter system of GCM is sealed, and all the rain water is channeled into pipes and into the dry wells to irrigate the landscaping. This helps prevent rain water runoff that can harm our waterways like the Chesapeake Bay with silt and pollution, and makes GCM more "greener" and sustainable. In addition, the rain water will collected under the rear deck by a system of corrugated metal sheets and pipes, and also funneled into the dry wells. Below are some pictures of the closed gutter system and the rear deck rain water collection system.