GCM strives to be as "Green" and sustainable as possible, we want maximum LEED points, and we are especially conscious of toxic compounds found in most polyurethane coatings. So when it came to coating the re-claimed lumber wood flooring, GCM went with the best in the business when it comes to non-toxic polyurethane coatings, Safecoat. Safecoat has been producing the least toxic paints for over 30 years, and even a line of natural, non-toxic paints. Now Safecoat has came out exclusively with a LEED qualified, 100% non-toxic, water-based, polyurethane coating called PolyureSeal BP. Below are some pics of both the gloss and the "satin" versions, with satin going on last as the second coat to reduce glare. Check back later for photos as we sand and coat the re-claimed lumber floors with Safecoat PolyureSeal BP.

Safecoat PolyureSeal BP is:

  1. Doctor recomended
  2. Non-Toxic
  3. Water-based
  4. Certified "Green" by AFM
  5. Certified "Green" by SCScertified.com
  6. Certified "Green" by DegreeofGreen.com
  7. Exclusively manufactured by Safecoat
  8. The beauty PolyureSeal BP adds will help with LEED points.
  9. ​PolyureSeal BP's protection will make it last, and add LEED points
  10. No bad odors, and dries fast!

Below are some high resolution close-up shots of the Yellow Pine laid down prior to sanding (left) and after sanding (right).

Below are some photos of close-up shots of the tongue-and-groove pattern that Vintage Lumber creates when they process, re-saw, and re-plane the lumber. On the left is Yellow Pine for most of the flooring, and to the right is Red Oak, to be re-purposed as counter tops!

Below are some photos of Vintage Lumber delivering the reclaimed lumber to the GCM House!



GCM strives to use minimal amount of timber, and to that end Vintage Lumber has joined the GCM Team, and is sponsoring the construction of GCM House with at-cost reclaimed lumber for the flooring. Reclaimed lumber is the re-use of boards, beams, etc. from local structures, barns and buildings destined to be torn down or are unused. Vintage Lumber has been at this business even before it was "green", and local "pickers" salvage timber from structures in Maryland, and that timber is re-cut and planed into tongue-and-groove wooden flooring by Vintage Lumber. 

Using Reclaimed lumber has many benefits:

  1. Reduces usage of new timber.
  2. Less CO2 emissions from producing new lumber.
  3. Local source means less CO2 emissions.
  4. Historical connection to local Maryland structures and barns.
  5. Less impact on landfills.
  6. Old timber comes from mature trees and is more durable.
  7. ​Helps with LEED points.
  8. Beauty of wood in rich grain adds to environmental quality.
  9. ​Age and weathering help it resist splitting.
  10. Lowers construction cost.

See Pictures 11 for High Resolution photographs of reclaimed wood from Vintage Lumber