​The Samsung Dishwasher  "Smart Appliance"  installed at GCM is Energy Star Certified, and is on the FTC Energy Star List. Among the certifications and lists are NSF Certification, meaning it is made from safe materials, and it is CEC Listed, meaning it meets California's strict energy conservation standards. It has a "Half Load" mode to help with our Water Conservation goal, and our Net-Zero Energygoal. The Samsung dishwasher has an antibacterial feature, and has leak sensing technology to help prevent water damage to structure and help prevent mold and mildew. The dishwasher is also certified by AHAM. All of this helps with achieving maximum LEED points. Click on the pics and the links for more information.


​Smart appliances, and high-efficiency washer and dryers, use as little energy as possible and will help GCM be as sustainable as possible and achieve our Net-Zero Energy goal. What is a "smart" appliance? A smart appliance is a household appliance such as a refrigerator that has electronics to help it consume as little as energy as possible, as well as interact with the home wireless network and your smartphone. These devices can "learn" and adjust settings to assure minimal energy consumption.​ GCM chose Samsung's line of smart appliances that are Energy Star Certified and use as little energy as possible. Below are the various smart appliances installed at GCM. Click on the various links and pics for more information.



​The Samsung Range  "Smart Appliance"  installed at GCM uses induction heating, which is 20% more efficient than electric, and 70% more efficient than gas. The Samsung Over-the Range Microwave has an "Eco Mode" that disables "phantom power" drain, which helps with our Net-Zero Energy goal and helps with sustainability. All of this helps with achieving maximum LEED points. Click on the pics and the various links for more information.


​The Samsung Refrigerator  "Smart Appliance"  installed at GCM is not only Energy Star Certifiedit exceeds the standards. It has LED lighting to help with our Net-Zero Energy goal and to help with sustainability. The Samsung refrigerator has an "Energy Saver" Mode (see pics below). It uses R134a refrigerant which has zero ozone depletion potential, and minimal global warming potential. All of this helps with achieving maximum LEED points. Click on the pics and the links for more information.


​The Samsung High-Efficiency Washer & Dryer  "Smart Appliances"  installed at GCM save energy and help with sustainability just by being highly efficient, but on top of that they have many features that will help GCM in being a green and sustainable house. The Samsung front load washer is Energy Star Certified Most Efficient, will use minimal water, and has an "Eco Warm" water temperature setting. The Samsung front load dryer is also Energy Star Certified, and shuts off automatically when clothes are dry, so energy is never wasted. The Samsung washer is NSF Certified to eliminate 99% of bacteria and allergens, and both devices operate very quietly. All of this helps with our Net-Zero Energy goal, our water conservation goal, helps with sustainability, and last but not least helps with achieving maximum LEED points. Click on the pics and the various links for more information.