2nd Filter - Carbon Filter

The second filter is an activated carbon filter, that will reduce contaminants such as herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals that are present. This will make the water healthier, and help maximize LEED points.

Water Sense

EPA Water Conservation Guidelines 

Water conservation is a major part in being sustainable, and to that end GCM will has made water conservation a top priority. Water conservation can be easy if you choose water appliances and devices that have the EPA's Water Sense seal, assuring it has been built to EPA standards to conserve water as much as possible. For instance, by selecting faucets and toilets that have the Water Sense seal (see pictures below) we can all help conserve water, make our homes mores sustainable, and help the environment by not stressing the water system. Below are some pictures of the various water appliances and devices GCM chose with the Water Sense seal. For more info information on the EPA's Water Sense standards see the picture slideshow below and watch our PSA Video below. More information can be found at the EPA's Water Sense website below:


Whole House Water
Filtration System

The water coming into the structure will be softened and thoroughly filtered from contaminants and particles, to assure good health and maximum LEED points. GCM chose Aquasana's Whole House Water Filtration System that will filter out sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, scale, bacteria, algae, herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals, particles and contaminants. 

For more info click on each filter,
check out Aquasana's website here:

Refrigerator Water Filter

To go the extra mile, GCM installed a water filter on the water supply to the refrigerator's ice maker and front door water supply for healthy drinking water. More info below.​

3rd Filter - Stone Filter

The 3rd filter will filter out chlorine, heavy metals, scale, and inhibits algae and bacteria, which makes the water healthier and will help to  maximize LEED points.​

High-Efficiency Water Appliances

Installing a high efficiency washer can save up to 50% of your water usage, and GCM chose a Samsung "smart appliance" that is high-efficient and will help in GCM's goal of conserving water as much as possible. Read more on conserving water by installing a high-efficiency washer by clicking links below.


EPA - Water Efficiency For Residents

Samsung High-Efficiency Washer Used by GCM

Water Conservation

Water Sense - HE Appliances - Water Filtration

Water conservation is taken very seriously by GCM as rainwater runoff to the Chesapeake Bay being an issue important to Maryland. Water conservation can take many forms, such as choosing products that have the EPA's Water Sense seal to recycling gray water and rain water for irrigating the landscaping. Below you will find out the various things GCM is doing to conserve water.

4th Filter - Sub-Micron Post Filter

The 4th and final filter will filter out any remaining sediments or contaminants down to 0.35 microns, which makes the water healthy, and will help to maximize LEED points.​

1st Filter - Sediment Pre-Filter

The first filter will pre-filter out sediment, rust and silt, and prepare the water for further filtering.