S&L Spindles Red Cedar Railings
​SLSpindle.com Donates Sustainable Cedar
LOW-CFM Ventilation Fans.

(Volatile Organic Compounds)
and How to Reduce Them

Sustainable Home Construction with Red Cedar and Defy Extreme Stain

Insulated Concrete Forms - BuildBlocks and Helix Fiber Rebar Video


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The sustainable and environmentally friendly landscaping or "yard" will be designed and based in the Wabi Sabi tradition. Watch Bevan Shimizu's presentation below of what Wabi Sabi is, and how we will incorporate it into the design.

Irwin Stone Fire Pit
​Natural Stone & Marble
EPA & Water Sense
Natural Stone, Sustainability, LEED Points, and GCM Partner Irwin Stone.

Air Duct Sealing

and Pressurization Test

What is GreenCasaMaryland?

Progress Time Lapse Video

Here is the entire exterior construction in a time lapse video